"Grapefruit Moon" - Southside Johnny and The LaBamba Big Band
"Voyage to India"- India Arie
"Before The Memory Fades"- Baron Raymonde
"10 Shades of Blue"-  Frankie Paris
"Powerful Stuff"- David Foster and The Mohegan Sun All Stars
Where Have We Been- Angel Rissoff
Older Than Dirt - Scott Wakefield
Sumpthin Ta Say- Lil Bastard       
"The Last Shade of Blue Before Black"- The Orginal Blues Brothers
"45 Lives " - Richie Hart


"Where We Belong"-  Boyz Zone
"The Blues Don't Bother Me"- Matt 'Guitar' Murphy
"New York Blues Queen"-  Roxy Perry
"La Fama"- Mac Gollehon
"Lady's Got to Sing"- Terry White
Groove With Me- Paula Atherton
Roadhouse Blues- Kimon and The Prophets
Life Of it's Own- Gary Stuart King & Amigos
"Grateful" -  The Bobby Deitch Band